In addition to its extensive line of high-pressure hydraulic cylinders, Enerpac is also widely known for its extensive collection of high-quality, high-pressure jacking systems. These systems are designed to be portable and suitable for tight spaces. These Enerpac high-pressure jacking systems operate as part of integrated lifting mechanisms, working to grab and lift or lower strands and cables placed through the hollow centers of the equipment.

What is the Enerpac Strand Jacking System?

High-pressure jacking systems like those offered by Enerpac have a range of industrial uses, including lifting, positioning and moving large and heavy structures and equipment. The Strand Jacking system offered by Enerpac offers high levels of innovation and efficiency. Based on the concrete post-tensioning principle, the technique used by this system has made significant changes to the ways that industries can move and reposition heavy objects.

The full Enerpac Strand Jacking system bundles a group of steel strands or cables. These are then placed through a hydraulic cylinder. Located both on the top and the bottom of the cylinder are anchoring systems; these systems use wedge-shaped grips to fix the bundle of steel cords in place. Moving the cylinder in and out with the grips engaged succeeds in lifting or lowering the burden attached to the steel cables and strands.

How Does an Enerpac Jacking System Help?

Enerpac designs its technology with a focus on safety, and all of its products are fully tested and certified for safety. Every installation comes with a complete English-language operation and instruction manual. These strand jack systems offer high capacity and are available with options that range from a 30-ton capacity to a 1,000-ton capacity. The number of strands used in each Enerpac jacking system determines the amount of weight that it can safely bear.

These heavy lifting solutions from Enerpac are also designed for ease of use. This equipment helps industrial operations to increase productivity and ease of operation. By using the most advanced technologies to generate force, Enerpac helps to maximize the ability and use of this equipment.

Enerpac also offers a range of maintenance and repair services to clients. Its worldwide group of distributors and service centers offer high-quality service for all Enerpac products and lifting systems. 

What Are the Industrial Uses of Enerpac Strand Jacking?

Enerpac’s strand jacking technology has helped to accomplish exceptional building projects with a higher level of speed and safety than would be otherwise possible. Thousands of industrial projects around the world have been made possible due to this innovative system for lifting, moving and positioning heavy objects and large loads. Some of these successful projects include:

  • London Eye – The world-renowned London Eye in the United Kingdom was lifted into place using Enerpac’s HSL-series strand jacks. This famous observation wheel that looks over the British capital is the tallest in the world, with a height of 135 meters.
  • Abu Dhabi Airport – At the Abu Dhabi airport hangar, steel roof segments weighing 2,000 tons each were lifted into place using Enerpac HSL-series strand jacks. These three steel roof segments were constructed on the ground and lifted into the air to create large aircraft maintenance hangars suitable for working on the latest Airbus A30 planes.
  • Golden Horn Metro Bridge – This landmark cable bridge connects the Beyoglu and Fatih districts on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey. In order to construct the bridge, deck segments weighing 300 tons were lifted 17 meters high from a river barge and installed into place using Enerpac jacking systems.